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How We’re Going to Double Traffic to Our Website

Rick KuwaharaRick Kuwahara

We are in a good place right now at Paubox – we have too many leads coming in and are having a hard time keeping up with onboarding new customers.

So, of course we’re going to try and turn up sales even more.

It goes back to testing and seeing how we can optimize our workflows and what our team can really handle. Everyone feels busy, but you never know what you can do unless you stretch yourself.

Turning up traffic is also going to be a test to see what channels we can scale effectively once we are ready to really put the pedal to the metal.

Here’s a few resources I’m going to be adapting and testing in the next month.

Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel

We’ve done a pretty decent job of mapping our content to the bottom of the sales funnel – the low hanging fruit.

But one thing we can do to get more traffic is to map our content to the top of the funnel. This is a wider audience that we can build a relationship with through our blog and an email drip campaign.

This detailed post by Grow and Convert goes into detail on their process of making sure content is relevant for each stage of the sales funnel and something we’ll be adapting at Paubox.

Improve Content Distribution

Let’s face it, great content by itself doesn’t mean anything if you don’t distribute it. Publish and pray just won’t cut it.

So we’re going to use a bunch of tactics to make sure each post gets as much reach as we can. This guest post by Noah Kagan breaks down a few ideas that include leveraging email lists, optimizing posts for sharing, and community/relationship building.

Ryan Stewart’s team at Webris, took things to the next level with their guide to content distribution. It’s a beast to consume and we’ll be taking advantage of both the earned and paid tactics that’s in the guide.

Start Testing Paid Channels

That’s right paid channels. As much as I love a good inbound strategy, nothing can scale as fast as paid channels especially if you can get the unit economics to work.

But where to start? This post from 500 Startups gives 23 campaigns that helped to get the juices flowing.

For us, we’re going to start with boosting our newly generated content and also running a Google Adwords campaign.

For Adwords, we’re going to do things a little different and actually bid on competitor’s names, taking into account tips from articles like this little gem from Search Engine Watch.

But of course, that’s just the start. We’ll be optimizing along the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this post in a month with a good update on our new traffic numbers.

Data informed, people driven growth marketer.

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