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Daily Growth: Frameworks to Create a Growth Machine

Rick KuwaharaRick Kuwahara

Hiten Shah did a talk where he showed this on the slide:

Process > Tactics

The reason being that having good processes or growth frameworks makes growth scaleable and repeatable.

At Paubox, we are in a weird place right now as we actively aren’t looking to grow because we don’t have the manpower to close the leads coming in. While we’re taking a quick breather to automate onboarding, I’ve been looking into taking a step back and re-defining our frameworks.

Here are a couple of posts that have been really helpful.

Indispensable Growth Frameworks from My Years at Facebook, Twitter and Wealthfront

Even though this is from 2014, Andy Johns dropped some evergreen info in this article on First Round. That’s kind of the point with having good frameworks though, they never go out of fashion. You’ll find some very actionable info including how to define your growth equation and examples of how to utilize it. This is definitely bookmark worthy.

A Framework For Maximizing Startup Marketing Effectiveness

This post from Tomasz Tunguz is a¬†little different than Andy Johns’ interview. In this he specifically lays out what channels you should look at to scale growth dependent on where you are in stage. Even though specific channels may be different from startup to startup, this post gives you a head start on where to begin testing.

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