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The Growth Marketing List: Experts, Blogs, Videos, and Communities

Rick KuwaharaRick Kuwahara

Here’s my growth marketing list. This is just a few of my favorite online resources, including the best growth experts to follow, blogs to read, videos to watch, and communities to join. I’ll be adding to this over time, so bookmark this page!

I know I missed stuff, so feel free to call me out at: rick(at)rickkuwahara.com

Growth Experts to Follow on Twitter

  1. Sean Ellis – CEO at Growthhackers.com, and coined the term “Growth Hacker.”
  2. Seth Godin – Freakin’ marketing legend for a reason.
  3. Brian Dean – SEO jedi master.
  4. Brian Balfour – VP Growth at Hubspot, framework king.
  5. Neil Patel – Digital marketing wizard and practices what he teaches.
  6. Nichole Elizabeth Demere – Just read everything she shares.
  7. Sujan Patel – Co-founder of Contentmarketer.io.
  8. Dan Martell – Founder of Clarity, Angel investor, Canadian.
  9. Tammy Camp – Distro partner at 500 Startups, investor, founder.
  10. Susan Su – Email marketing genius, especially the psych behind it.
  11. Nir Eyal – Author of Hooked, a lot of good stuff on his feed beyond Growth too.
  12. Noah Kagan – Chief Sumo at Sumome, former Mint and Facebook.
  13. Andrew Chen – Growth at Uber, definitely a thought leader on Growth.
  14. Lincoln Murphy – SaaS consultant and Customer Success guru.
  15. Rand Fishkin – Founder of Moz, ’nuff said.
  16. Morgan Brown – COO at Inmannews, wrote the Growth Book w/ Sean Ellis.
  17. Diana Smith – Marketing at Segment, guess what she’s good at?
  18. Eric Siu – CEO of SingleGrain, and a prolific tweeter of great stuff.
  19. Shannon Byrne – Founder of asongaday.co, an entertaining twitter feed beyond the growth related stuff.
  20. Claire Vo – Founder of Experiment Engine, a great feed for CRO info
  21. Matthew Barby – Head of Global Growth & SEO at Hubspot, very much worth the follow.

Growth Blogs to Read

  1. Andrew Chen – The first of a few who show up a couple times on this list for a reason.
  2. Hiten Shah – Founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, be sure to sign up for his newsletter too.
  3. Thomas Tungaz – Venture capitalist who gets growth and presents his data-driven insights in easy to get language.
  4. Coelevate – Brian Balfour’s blog filled with actionable essays that have tremendous value. It’s like a college course.
  5. Sixteen Ventures – Lincoln Murphy’s blog that’s a must read for Customer Success.
  6. Matthew Barby – Another repeat on the list, Matthew’s blog is filled with actionable insights, blueprints, and case studies.
  7. Anum Hussain – Senior Growth Marketer at Sidekick, Anum’s blog is a little different as she posts the presentations she’s done about social media and content marketing. Well worth the bookmark.
  8. Buffer Social – Buffer’s blog with great stuff on social media and more, their transparency is something to be admired.
  9. Price Intelligently – No one attacks the niche of pricing strategy like these guys. There’s much more to it than profit margins.
  10. Grow and Convert – There’s been a lot of follow-us-on-our-journey type of blogs. But G&C is worth it because of the actionable insights behind their posts.
  11. Conversion XL – If you’re a CRO nerd at all, be careful. You’ll start reading and next thing you know it’s hours later.
  12. Moz – Worth it for Whiteboard Friday’s alone!
  13. Mixpanel – A wide range of topics, but I especially love their interviews with growth leaders.
  14. Backlinko – There’s not a ton of posts compared to other blogs, but Brian Dean keeps them updated and they are the definition of evergreen.
  15. SumoMe – Don’t start reading unless you have 20 minutes and a notepad. Incredibly detailed and actionable stuff here.
  16. Kissmetrics – One of the leaders of content marketing, they practice what they preach here.
  17. Copyblogger – A go to resource for anything copy related. Shocker right?
  18. First Round Review – Great insightful interviews on all things startup, including growth.
  19. Hubspot – Hubspot lives and dies by inbound, so it’s no surprise they’re so good at creating valuable content about sales and marketing.
  20. Sales Hacker – Inbound isn’t the right strategy for everyone, so here’s a great site that has tremendous info on all things sales.
  21. Close.io – Just to emphasize how important sales is, here’s another great blog with no-nonsense info you can implement.
  22. Velocity – B2B content marketers that write about…B2B marketing. Synergy is good and so is the info shared.
  23. ViperChill – An viral marketing blog (includes SEO, digital marketing, etc) that has super in-depth info and includes some marginally gray hat stuff, but the info is very actionable and I love the transparency and future thinking of the blog.

Youtube Channels to Watch

  1. 500 Startups – Didn’t get in to 500 Startups? Their video series are the next best thing.
  2. One Month – Hmmm, an online learning company that creates videos you can learn from and shares it for free? No brainer.
  3. Traction Conf – There’s a lot of great growth talks that happens at conferences, but Traction Conf is more focused on it. Get your popcorn ready.
  4. Growth Everywhere – Great place to find SingleGrain’s podcasts and one-on-one interviews.
  5. How to Start a Startup – Get ready to go to school! From Stanford University, this course tells you how to start a startup, which of course includes growth principals.
  6. Webris – Founded by Ryan Stewart, Webris is an internet marketing agency that’s killing it and Ryan freely gives a ton of knowledge away in very entertaining and informative videos.
  7. Ed Leake – A Top 100 digital marketer, Ed Leake has a great channel going that gives insights into Adwords, Facebook and more.

Communities to Join

  1. Growthhackers.com – The single place you need to be a part of if you’re interested in growth, lots of great sharing and try out their new Projects app.
  2. Inbound.org – Though you may get some of the same content as Growthhackers, the experience is different with a great active community that is a must to join.
  3. Clarity.fm – Although this is more self-promotional, there’s still a lot of great answers to questions people have on growth.
  4. Hacker News – A little tougher to sort through the noise, but well worth it when you do.
  5. Medium – Follow the “growth” tag on Medium and get a great feed of insightful articles.
  6. Quora – Got a question? You know some know-it-all on Quora has an answer.
  7. Product Hunt – Ok, not really growth related. But c’mon, Product Hunt is fun.

Data informed, people driven growth marketer.

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