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Rick KuwaharaRick Kuwahara

Hey there. I’m Rick Kuwahara.

I consider myself a data informed, people driven marketer.

What the hell does that mean?

I think data is important to understand what is going on, where insights into people helps give you the why. Numbers have no meaning without insights.

I recently quit a secure job leading acquisition for a publicly traded telecom, to run marketing at a SaaS startup called Paubox, which provides the easiest way to send and receive email encryption. It was a huge gamble, but something that I’m glad to be trying out.

And last, but not least, I’m a dad to three beautiful girls.

Why a blog about growth marketing?

I’ve always been a life learner and have tried to learn at least one thing new each day. This mostly revolves around trying to research or solve work related problems, which is usually growth related.

Although there are great communities out there like Growthhackers, every community eventually gets spammed. The quality of content goes down as people try to game the system for themselves.

Not to mention, there are countless of blogs and newsletters out there by guys like Hiten Shah, Sujan Patel, and the team at SumoMe who are producing great content that is actionable.

Needless to say, there’s a deluge of great information out there.

Yet, after working with a few interns who were marketing majors, I found it shocking that there is a significant lack of knowledge on how marketing actual works in the real world.

It stuns me that with all the great content available, college graduates are at a severe disadvantage when they try to get real jobs in marketing.

I had no formal marketing training myself when I was in school, so I know you can be successful learning things on your own.

But hopefully I can help cut the learning curve a little by curating the best ACTIONABLE content I’ve found over the years.

Let’s work together

My most recent project is to start a digital marketing agency with my brother called 31digital.

The name comes from the fact that I have 3 daughters and he has 1. Clever right?

We offer some coaching, consulting and done-for-you packages around SEO and Facebook advertising. Take a look at the site and hit me up if you want to work together.

Data informed, people driven growth marketer.

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